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 Table of Contents
Budget at a Glance
Figure I : Budget : 2002-03 Resources Coming From
Figure II : Budget : 2002-03 Use of Resources
Statement I : Broad Details of Revenue Receipts
Statement II : Broad Details of Revenue Expenditure
Statement III : Economic Analysis of Revenue Expenditure
Statement IV : Foreign Grants and Loans Receipts
Statement V : Domestic Loans and Advances and Capital Investment
Figure III : Budget : 2002-03 Details of Non-Development Expenditure
Figure IV : Budget : 2002-03 Economic Analysis of Non-Development Expenditure
Statement VI : Public Accounts of the Republic
Statement VII : Summary of Food Account
Statement VIII : Resources for Annual Development Programme
Statement IX : Development Expenditure by Ministry/Division
Figure V : Budget : 2002-03 Details of Development Expenditure

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